Who We Are

Savannah Exports (Pvt) Ltd is a member of KISH Group of companies that plays a distinct role in the exporting local produce to the overseas market in line with complying the exclusive demands. Sri Lanka as a country has been blessed with various types of natural resources from precious gem stones to vegetation and spices. The key produces we currently focus are of vegetation such as locally grown fruits, vegetables, spices to seafood and poultry. Though these are main commercial export produce, it does not stops there. As a trading venture, Savanna Exports is open for more specific commodities and trade line for exports.

A country blessed with diverse climatic regions, Sri Lanka produces a wide variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The manufacturing and exporting of more than 9000 tonnes of produce annually solidify Sri Lanka as a major exporter of fruits, vegetables, spices, poultry and seafood.